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The Detroit Tigers Are Finally Going All-In on Sabermetrics


By Jeff Moss
September 3, 2015

Based upon his failure to fix the bullpen, seal the deal and procure a World Series ring for Mike Ilitch, develop the farm system and, most importantly, invest in mathematical principles, I had been openly calling for the ouster of Dave Dombrowski as the Tigers General Manager for the last couple of years.

People thought I was insane and would always ask me who I’d suggest to replace a man who was so respected in Major League Baseball circles. My flippant answer was always some Jewish nerd from either Harvard or M.I.T. who understood basic math.

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The Comparison Between Miguel Cabrera and American Pharoah


By Jeff Moss
September 2, 2015

My lifelong dream of being published on the Churchill Downs gambling website has come to fruition as I wrote a piece today comparing Miguel Cabrera’s Triple Crown achievement to American Pharoah’s. 

I always wanted to write a column that included Easy Goer, Mike Trout and Howard Stern. 

You can read the article here. I also take an obligatory shot at the city of Cleveland which is always fun.

Jeff Moss’ Weekly Segment on 92.1FM in Lansing


DSR Staff
August 31, 2015

On today’s “Schuilling Report” on 92.1-FM in Lansing, Jeff Moss explained why the Tigers have not quit — they just stink — and explains how the Detroit Lions are like a husband who has been beating his wife for five decades. There is also an homage to Jeff the Drunk.

Matt Dery’s Brother Todd is a Bigger Twatburger than Ratt


By Jeff Moss
August 29, 2015

It’s hard to believe that 105.1 FM’s  Matt “The Weasel” Dery isn’t the biggest douchestick in his family, but it would appear from some recent Tweets that his brother, Todd Dery, is actually King Fuckface of the Dreary clan.

You see, Todd Dery lives in Cleveland. And is a diehard fan of Cleveland sports teams. And because he isn’t as old as Yoda, he has never witnessed a Cleveland sports franchise win a championship. Someone like myself, however — as a lifelong Detroiter —  has enjoyed nine titles if you include the Michigan Panthers, which I most definitely do.

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Goodbye Killer (Revisited)


By Jeff Moss
August 29, 2011

[Editor’s Note:  Four years ago today Tom “Killer” Kowalski passed away suddenly after suffering a heart attack while taking his morning shower.   I decided last year to post this article – which I wrote about Tom that awful day – every August 29th until the DSR ceases to exist in honor of Killer.]

On Sunday, I started typing an article that was going to accompany the 2nd DSR Detroit Sports Media Tournament of 64 which was going to begin later this week.

My plan for tonight was to finish the column that explained the seeding process and then commence the match-ups on Tuesday.

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The Best DSR Podcast Ever Featuring Special Guest Tony Paul of the Detroit News


By Jeff Moss
August 28, 2015

Tonight the DSR hosted its greatest Podcast ever. Mostly because guest Tony Paul of the Detroit News just knocked the damn thing out of the park.

We discussed Tony’s disgust with WBBL’s Bill Simonson, had a great discussion about the Tigers and Al Avila and wrapped it up with Tony’s life since he announced on Channel 7’s “Sports Cave” that he was gay.

Really good stuff.

Justin Spiro also discussed our ongoing investigative series on Simonson and we played the Twitter War III between Gregg Henson and myself. Thanks again to Ian Reed Kesler and Taylor Phillips for acting out the Twat Fight.

Check Out Sports Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with DetroitSportsRag Radio on BlogTalkRadio

Bill Simonson Once Threatened To Quit Over a PARODY ACCOUNT


By Jeff Moss
August 27, 2015

The DSR’s investigative report into the despicable behavior of West Michigan radio abortion Bill Simonson continues. We are focusing on multiple states with the assistance of a team of private investigators. (Your GoFundMe donations in action!!!)

We should have some interesting information on both fronts next week, but in the meantime, we can share with you a pretty hilarious email that Simonson sent to a pair of co-workers on August 30, 2014.

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Huge Insecure Loser Bill Simonson Retaliates Against Ryan Schuilling


By Jeff Moss
August 26, 2015

Not twenty-four hours after I went on a ten-minute rant on Ryan Schuilling’s debut broadcast on 92.1-FM “The Team” in Lansing detailing the checkered history of Grand Rapids-based blowhard Bill Simonson, Schuilling was fired from his duties as an announcer for the West Michigan Whitecaps.

Schuilling was notified on Tuesday morning that his services were no longer needed by Cumulus radio operating manager John Crenshaw. This douche bag runs Simonson’s station in Grand Rapids, which owns the broadcast rights to the Tigers’ Single-A affiliate.

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DSR’s Justin Spiro Discusses His Dombrowski/Ilitch Story on 92.1FM in Lansing (AUDIO)


By Jeff Moss
August 25, 2015

The DSR’s managing editor Justin Spiro appeared on The Team in East Lansing (92.1FM) with Ryan Schuilling to discuss his article on the Dave Dombrowski/Mike Ilitch divorce.

Here is the audio. Notice how the Academy Awards’ orchestra had to play @DarkoStateNews off the stage at the end.

Joff Mess’ No Vaseline Attack on Bill Simonson (Radio Edit)


By Jeff Moss
August 24, 2015

As evidenced by today’s events, there is never a dull moment at the DSR. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, here is a quick update of what occurred.

Ryan Schuilling — formerly of WBBL 107.3 FM in Grand Rapids — started a new gig this afternoon in Lansing at 92.1 FM “The Team.” It’s a fairly new sports station that is anchored by longtime Lansing sports personality Jack Ebling

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