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Jim Caldwell — Exactly Who We Thought He Was


By Jeff Moss
October 29, 2014

There is not a dumber fan base in all of sports than the masochistic losers who support the Detroit Lions; these people have been shit on for 56 years like they’re the star of a German scat video, yet they keep coming back for more.

It’s hard enough to talk sense into these in-denial lunatics when the team is awful (virtually ALWAYS), so you can imagine that trying to give them some tough love when their beloved franchise is 6-2 and in the discussion for home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs at the halfway point of the season is a Herculean task.

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Ryan Ermanni is a Disingenuous Dummy


By Justin Spiro
October 21, 2014

Before a recent nasty public breakup, I was good friends with DSR Legend Choco Shake Blizzard Man With Sprinkles (@giantshakeman). During a wonderful date together at Lafayette Coney Island in Detroit, I snapped this photo of the sweaty faced (Petro TM) Ryan Ermanni, which adorned the walls of the famous coney joint. Continue reading

Terry Foster — INCREDIBLE Dolt


By Jeff Moss
October 20, 2014

The following is from the same fucking moron who wanted an apology out of Cam Newtown because the Carolina QB jokingly called Ndadamkong Suh, “Donkey Kong” Suh.

Because, ya know, Ndamakong and Donkey Kong SOUND similar.

Like, could you imagine this imbecile’s reaction if someone Tweeted that part of the reason for a team’s success is they got rid of a black coach and replaced him with a caucasian?

What a hypocritical pile of horse shit.

Of course, I am not demanding an apology from Terry Foster for his idiotic insinuation/joke. That’s because I am not a race-baiting jackass.

(h/t JSchroeder83)

Detroit Sports 105.1 is on the FM Dial — NO, Really


By Jeff Moss
October 16, 2014

We now have 13 months of data to analyze and nothing has changed regarding the ratings at Detroit’s struggling number two (literally and figuratively) sports radio station.

Detroit Sports 105.1 continues to get trounced by 97.1 in the one-sided ratings battle; this is not surprising considering WXYT-FM has always performed much better during the Tigers’ season and especially in September during a pennant race.

Here is a chart demonstrating 97.1′s dominance and 105.1′s horrible performance. Keep in mind, this chart includes all listeners ages six and up.

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GM Tom Gage Would Be Like Randy Smith With Down’s


By Jeff Moss
October 15, 2014

One of the main problems I’ve had since this site debuted in March of 2003 is that I’ve hesitated to post articles that I didn’t think were funny or clever or absolutely brilliant. But sometimes you just have to place someone’s absolute idiocy on the record for posterity. This is one of those times.

Just the other day, the Tigers beat writer for the Detroit News, Tom Gage, wrote one of the most mind-numbing, [mentally challenged], horrific opinion pieces that I have ever read.

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Why Does Mike Valenti Want to Be Like Myst?


Mike Valenti Jeff Moss
SportsInferno@HotMail.com DetroitSportsRag@GMail.com
October 15, 2014

I guess I should be flattered that 97.1 talk show host Mike Valenti is attempting to recreate the plot from the movie, “Single White Female,” by stealing my identity
but something is very creepy about his ongoing behavior.

It all started years ago when Valenti wanted a writing slot at the DetroitSportsRag. Yes, you read that correctly. Before he got the gig at WXYT — back when he was still broadcasting out of Lansing — he contacted ME for a gig. This has been posted here before but it NEVER gets old …..

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