It's Time to Buy and Make a Huge Offer on Sale

By Jeff Moss
July 27, 2016

For the last couple of years, you could make a comparison that Detroit Tigers’ fans are comparable to the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Every year around the trade deadline you hear the same familiar refrain ….


The window is closing and we have to go all-in NOW before it’s too late and this era of Cy Youngs, MVPs, Triple-Crown winners, ERA leaders and extremely advantageous AL Central payrolls tragically ends without a World Series title.

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DSR Podcast -- July 26, 2016



On this week’s DSR Podcast, I ranted about the Tigers continued lack of urgency and Lynn Henning’s latest “50 Shades of Grey” article about Dave Dombrowski.


Also, Gregg Henson came on to discuss the death of Detroit Sports 105.1 and Anthony Ciatti and Prashanth Iyer joined me for the last hour for a funereal roundtable on the Red Wings.


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Mondays with Moss


By Jeff Moss
July 25, 2016


On my weekly appearance with Ryan Schuiling on 92.1FM in Lansing, I discussed the aftermath of our “appearance” on the Howard Stern Show, why I yelled “Hit Em With the Hein” in the first place a few weeks ago and the ongoing disaster that is the Detroit Tigers and their incompetent manager Brad Ausmus.

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Hit 'Em With the Heeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn!!!


From the first moment I accidentally tuned into the Howard Stern’s “Channel 9” show on WOR-TV while bored on a Saturday evening back in 1990, I was hooked on the “King of All Media” drug.


I was attempting to find scrambled porn on HBO or Cinemax while everyone else was asleep in our family’s Miami area condo and pure happenstance led me to the next best thing.

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DSR Podcast with Special Guest Sean Baligian -- July 19, 2016


By Jeff Moss
July 20, 2016


On this week’s DSR Podcast, we spent two hours commercial free discussing the current climate of Detroit sports radio with Sean Baligian. In the middle of the show we found out via a text message the real reason Sean lost his gig at Detroit Sports 105.1.


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Is Prince Fielder Going Through A Divorce?


By Jeff Moss
August 13, 2013

All it took was one day for Detroit 105.1 Sports to break a big story in Detroit. During the “Rico and Ryan” program this afternoon, the brand new sports station had Tigers right-fielder Torii Hunter on as a guest.

While being questioned by Rico Beard and Ryan Ermanni, Hunter mentioned that Prince Fielder struggles were potentially related to an off-the-field issue.  Hunter intimated that he knew what the distraction was and instructed Tigers fans to give the big guy the benefit of the doubt.

After Hunter spilled the beans, I started digging into the story, which basically means I opened my inbox to find plenty of information.

I was told by one source that Chanel Fielder traveled on the road with the team extensively in 2012, but has not done so this year.   That source also directed me to a website for one of Prince’s charity functions.

It seems that Prince and Chanel were supposed to jointly appear for “Uncork for a Cause with Prince Fielder” this summer to benefit various charities.   On June 29, 2013 the event was cancelled.   The website for the charity stated that the fundraiser was postponed until 2014 “due to circumstances beyond our control.”

I then received confirmation from a Tigers employee regarding Chanel’s absence on road trips and that source went one step further by stating that Chanel has barely been around the Comerica Park suites this season and that she was a fixture there in Prince’s first season in Detroit.

This could explain why Prince is having such a miserable season.  Since an outstanding April, Fielder has struggled mightily at the plate and is currently having his worst offensive season as a professional.

The usually-disciplined All-Star slugger has had many bizarre plate appearances where it seems that the spirit of Delmon Young enters his body as some sort of impatient demon.  Swinging at every first pitch.  Attempting to hit balls way out of the strike zone.

Fielder’s slugging percentage (the reason he earns almost $24 million a season) is at a career low.  Prince’s on-base percentage hasn’t been this bad since his first full season.  Fielder has basically put up “Replacement Player” stats as an All-Star accustomed to being among the elite.

The other bizarre part of this story is that Fielder appeared to be sitting on a career year in 2013.  He didn’t seem to have any trouble adjusting to the American League in 2012, unlike his free-agent counterpart Albert Pujols.  Fielder was also projected to be the biggest beneficiary of Victor Martinez’s return to the lineup.

In another strange statistical quirk, Fielder is having unprecedented success against left-handed pitching in 2013.  If his numbers versus righties were even at his career average, he would be earning every penny of that $214 million deal.

The DSR has checked the courts in Oakland and Wayne County and hasn’t found divorce filings between Prince and Chanel Fielder.  I am awaiting word from an attorney friend in Florida to see if there is anything going on in Orlando, where the couple make their offseason home.

Potential marital problems would be stressful for anyone, but Fielder could be more susceptible to these issues as he has two young children and his parents’ divorce was not a pretty one.

Details of Cecil and Stacey Fielder’s broken marriage were splashed all over the pages of the Detroit News years ago by investigative reporter Fred Girard.  

And it is no secret that Prince and Cecil’s relationship was fractured by that mess and is still a sore subject for the Tigers current first baseman.

Considering the history of his parents’ breakup, the money involved and how this could impact his relationship with HIS children, a marital dispute would be a logical explanation for Prince’s subpar season.

Of course, there may be other health-related reasons why Chanel wouldn’t be traveling with the team or making appearances at Comerica Park; I am sure the many Tigers beat writers who get paid to cover this franchise (allegedly) will be all over this story tonight now that Torii Hunter and 105.1 has done their job for them.

Imagine that.  When you interview an athlete or coach, you can actually break news.  Wow.  I am just shocked that turning your entire station over to Bob from Wyandotte and Lisa from St. Clair Shores didn’t result in 97.1 getting this story first.




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